A Crack of Green

“Green Crack”

Cost: $55 1/8

Color: Dark green, brown hairs, very crystally.

Smell: Piney, fruity.

Taste: I smoked this out of an apple flavored blunt wrap, which hindered my ability to accurately describe taste, but from what I could grasp, it had a definite piney taste, along with an earthy flavor, with a mild fruit undertone. Compared to other buds I’ve smoked, this bud definitely has a much stronger, more noticeable flavor, which definitely makes Green Crack stand out.

High: This bud has managed to increase the weight of my head by about 10 pounds. It is a very deep head high. I’m also extremely mellow but very focused. My muscles are extremely relaxed, and my couch has absorbed me, but I feel much more active as compared to most couch lock buds. A fair amount of the time, I tend to get paranoid after I smoke, but I feel very secure right now, and I even felt paranoid before I even smoked…what’s that tell ya?

Bottom Line: Highly recommend this bud.  Anyone love Key and Peele? I do. I just left this piece for 10 minutes to watch em wear fucked up hats. Know why? This Bud. If you’re into the slow down, hold up, sit down, and shut the fuck up type of weed, this is the bud to go for.


One thought on “A Crack of Green

  1. best way I could describe this strain to my friends was basically, I had so much energy for activities, but if I didn’t do anything, that was cool too.

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