Runnin’ on Diesel


Cost: $50 1/8

Look: This bud is covered in smelly, delicious orange hairs. Some of the buds in our batch were light green, and others close to white. Why? Because these buds are covered in crystals. It could be compared to blue dream or white widow type look.

Smell: Citrus, hint of lemon, of course piney like all weed.

Taste: We smoked it, but with a little bowl it was too harsh to get a good taste. SO…..BONG TIME. Much better. Ya’ know when you go outside in the summer and smell fresh cut grass? Well, it sorta tastes like that. It was hard to notice the fruity undertones, but it was still delicious.

High: Times is a figment of our imaginations at this point. We talked for 45 minutes straight on 50 different tangents until we snapped back into reality for a split second…to smoke more. As J finely puts it, we are fucking baked. Also, being a sativa, all we wanted to do was punch everything. If this bud doesn’t put hair on your nads nothing will. A good bud of mine said that when one smokes this bud in the right quantity, its like you’re in space. It’s safe to say we’re past that point.

Bottom Line: Great bang for the buck (or bud…haha). Diesel is definitely some of the most fun bud I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking a lot of. It sent a pulse of energy through my entire body for a couple hours, but I could fall asleep just fine afterward. Smoke this bud, get up, go outside, freeze your ass off, get sunburn, wherever you are this bud will MAKE YOU DO SOMETHING.

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