Flying High with Magic

IMG_3642Have you been looking for a new arsenal weapon, but don’t know what to look for? How about a vaporizer? And if you’re already looking, how about the Magic Flight Launch Box? If you go to the rip-off head shop near you, you can pick up one of the puppies for around $120, which is still pretty cheap compared to other vaporizers like the volcano or pax. However, if you don’t want to be a broke dumb ass afterwards, check it out on eBay for $80. Sure its eBay, but its not a used version you’ll get, so its worth a shot. So why get the MFLB?

How this bitch works: The concept is extremely basic (yes, even for a stoner). It is a small box, with a screen inside (called the trench) which holds the bud. There is also a specific battery that goes into a hole toward the back of the box. After pushing the battery in, it creates an electric charge with a circuit within the box, superheating the bud into a vapor. Pretty simple, huh? It does have a minor learning curve considering there is technique to assure the bud doesn’t combust from holding the battery in too long. However it only take a couple sessions to get the hang of it.


One of the greatest selling points of this genius invention is its secrecy. This jaunt fits in the palm of your hand, with an attachable acrylic stem. However, if you just want to take a quick blaze walk, it can be easily concealed in your hand and when you hit this little guy it will merely look like you’re coughing into your hand (until you blow vaporized bud out). It is also great for the poor bastards stuck in the dorms at school or trying to sneak a puff here and there in you’re room at home. Since it is a vape the smell is already different from smoking a bowl or any other combustion type piece, which can throw off detection. Also, there is nowhere near as much vapor in one hit as compared to a bowl, so IF you blow vapor out, it will be very little and won’t smell.


Bottom Line: Buy it. Compared to more expensive vaporizers it has the same effect, works well, it is very consistent, concealable, easy to use, its fairly cheap, and there’s even a lifetime warranty in which the company will send you a new one anytime something breaks. That’s confidence. So next time you’re in the market for a new piece, don’t forget to check out the Magic Flight Launch Box!


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