We Smokin’ Sour Diesel (like its legal)

IMG_3669Sour Diesel

Cost: $35 for 2 Gs

Look: Light green, fluffy, crystally, brown hairs, some purple

Smell: Minty, earthy, mild fruit smell

Taste: Minty, earthy, mild fruit smell (shocker)

High: Euphoric! A couple hits from ze bong and  we were soarin’. The taste was hard to catch at first because it was so smooth, but after the second hit it was delicioso hombre. This bud’s more of a head high, but it definitely has a body high hidden in there. Also, with 5 dudes chilliin in a bathroom its not very spacious so I haven’t even moved yet. I know when I do its gonna feel like I have fat kids on my feet. In the end, I’M FUCKING RIPPED. Just how I should be.


Bottom Line: We had some “high” expectations for our first time smoking legit “Sour Diesel”. We had been told we had legit bud before and were disappointed so we were a little skeptic. However, this bud has sent us to space, and I couldn’t love it more. It’s nice to know that some buds out there still hold up their reputation.

More Photos:


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