Under Federal Law, Toke Up

Imagine a world where the sweet bud we all love and enjoy was legal…for real though. In states like Washington and Colorado it is now legal (under state law) to smoke marijuana for recreational use if you are over the age of 21. However, thanks to our glorious government, it really doesn’t mean shit. You could have a medical card, authentic 21 year old license, and the DEA can still break into your house and throw you in prison…makes sense right? FUCK NO.

Now picture this: A country, a great nation, under god, where we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of utilizing natures healing capabilities to enhance our mental state. In plain english: weed-testersGet baked without having to worry about going to prison every time. Picture yourself sitting out by the public pool, our just your front yard, and tokin’ up as cops walk and drive past merely waving hello. A utopia in which the essence of our own being is magnified x10 and we can see the world through enhanced eyes and other senses to truly enjoy life as it should be. Just imagine being able to walk into a gas station and buy joints like cigarettes (if only they were $5 a pack…). Sadly, this is a vision…a dream.

The reality is that none of this will be possible nation wide for a very, very long time. But ya know what? Who gives a shit?! All of us can still blaze with no worries, because thats what the lovely Mary Jane does for us. She takes all of our worries away, wraps us up in a nice warm, spaced out blanket, and lets us live in her world for a short time. Maybe one day all this will be possible, and I hope that when it is, all those who doubt our sweet’s power and capability will tremble as we take over the world!

PS: that last sentence is by no means an actual hope, but it’d be pretty sick wouldn’t it?


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