Don’t Forget the Spray

Alright so let’s face it, if you’re reading this you’re most likely a college kid, or you’re bored, either way it doesn’t matter because this does not just apply to college kids, but high school, the grad who lives at home, etc. What am I talking about? Not getting caught in the middle of a bong rip because you were an idiot and didn’t prepare correctly. We will mainly be discussing dorm technique, but the same applies to smoking in you’re room at home.

The first step is location, location, location. Yes, you’re very limited in a house or dorm room, but if you’re prepared and in the right place everything can go smoothly. If you’re in a dorm you’ll either be hiding behind a bush outside, or in a bathroom. Considering its winter, don’t be a dumbass, choose the bathroom.

towelBlocking the smell is always key and this can be done with 2 things; a towel, and a sploof. I don’t need to explain this one, you’re big kids now, you wear pampers.

The most important step in this process, the line between life and spraydeath…SPRAY. Oh man, if you don’t have spray you’re already fucked. After one hit, even with a towel and sploof, the whole place will smell. Invest in about 3-5 cans of febreeze, glade, whatever, just do it.

If you utilize these tips in the dorm or you’re house, you’re risk of getting caught will decrease drastically. Maybe, though, you’re just a lucky bastard with a cool ass RA. If that’s the case, fuck you.


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