“High” Ranked Games by BBB

Have you ever wondered what games are the best to be playing while under the influence of Mary Jane? Everyone has that one video game that they play baked, so we decided to list, in our opinion, the top three.

BOP2Call of Duty Black Ops has all the needs when you’re playing stoned shitless. Our favorite way to play is 4 best buds on local play, Sticks and Stones on Hijacked. It’s especially fun (or the most annoying thing in the world) when the bud in the lead gets tomohawked in the last 10 seconds…just glorious…or fucking horrible.

           Grand Theft Auto 5 is also a mind-blowing game while baked. Whether you’re starting riots (not actually possible), stealing from the bank, going to the strip club and getting to strippers to come home gtawith you, or just crushing people on the streets, this game is great for that sativa stoner who just wants to destroy shit (like me).

Last but not least is Super Smash Brothers, the classic. In this game, whether its on the Nintendo GameCube or the Nintendo 64, you just get to beat the absolute shit out of each other with cartoon characters. Period. Even though GameCube has better graphics, more characters, and more n64maps than Nintendo 64, would you rather play a game out of a fucking plastic box or the first badass game system ever? You decide.


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