Marlboro Goes Green

Unknown-5No, Marlboro isn’t using solar energy to make cigarettes, they’re just adding weed to them. The company has announced that they will be making marijuana cigarettes, called “Marlboro M”. This could be a pretty cool thing, or completely detrimental to the growth of the movement to prove marijuana is not as bad as its made out to be. Here’s why; Marlboro.

If you don’t understand what I’m getting at, google what goes in to cigarettes from big tobacco companies. It has been found that cigarette Unknown-6companies can add up to 600 of their own chemicals to normal cigarettes, making them taste better, but also making them more addictive. From this observation, it is very possible that the same will occur when marijuana cigarettes go public. With hella random additives thrown into the mix, people could become addicted to weed cigarettes just like tobacco. Does anyone else see this as a possible problem?

On CNN News in two years, “News in the world of marijuana as the marijuana addiction rate has increased to greater than cigarettes.”…imagine that. All because the big tobacco companies that already kill thousands with these “additives” decided to kill us stoners now instead. Personally, I have no intention of using these Marlboro Ms more than a couple times merely because of the fear of what will really be in them besides the pure bud we should be smoking.


2 thoughts on “Marlboro Goes Green

    • Alright, so we were absent of the knowledge that this was really a hoax. But when you think about all of the negative things it could bring to the marijuana movement, it’s a scary thought. It may be a hoax now but it is very possible that this could happen in the future. But again, we were unaware of the hoax when we wrote the article, our bad.

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