Blowing Os Until the Cops Show.

This one goes out to all those sorry bastards who have gotten caught at school. We know its rough, and we also know that any cop that comes through a dorm and busts anyone on a hunch because it smells…is A FUCKING JOKE. These rotten, stuck up officers, trying to meet their quota will do whatever it takes to get what they need to make $10 more at their shitty ass jobs.

bustedWhat will these cops do exactly to bust your ass? Well, relatively anything. Maybe you’re in the bathroom when they knock on the door and you take a minute to get there…pretty suspicious huh? Or maybe the cop finally gets you out of the room (with no reasonable cause) and accuses you of being high. You say, “Do I look high to you officer? Because I’m not.” Good luck with that. All the more suspicious. Playing loud music when the smell is on the other side of the building? Good enough for them.

This might just be an angry rant, but its shit like this that makes every single stoner, student, and civilian question whether or not we are really being protected, or controlled. We are now living in a world in which, when it comes to weed, you are guilty until proven guilty. And until a greater power steps up to make a difference, nothing will change, but merely get worse.


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