Let’s Go to Weed-Mart!

Can you imagine walking in to Walmart, but its nothing but weed? It might not be that far away! A Denver-based developer has submitted a proposal for a $5 million marijuana super store, with a built in grow facility, extraction facility, and even a prohibition museum! It’s not a surprise that someone has had this idea and went for it, but personally, I was in no way expecting it!

Unfortunately the first store would be in Colorado, so anybody outside the state is shit-outta-luck…like me. But hey, this could spark something. Can you see the country being covered in a

Pick through weed like deli meats!

Pick through weed like deli meats!

weed super store chain nationwide, as big as Walmart? I certainly don’t. However, we are moving toward the right direction with legalization (for now), so its very well possible that 10 years from now there will be Weedmarts everywhere!

“Rocky Mountain Pure will be a destination that Coloradans and visitors alike will come to know as the location to not only purchase the best available products, but to learn about the wonders of cannabis and the last 90 years of prohibition, to enjoy the facilities and to even gather together for a cup of coffee in our world-class botanical gardens,” now…doesn’t that just sound great? Maybe soon enough we will have super stores for weed, and when the day comes don’t waste your time waiting outside opening day, cus these bitches are going to be EVERYWHERE.


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