Thanks Cotton

If you live in the US, or most other countries in the world, you’re well aware the Marijuana is illegal. The propaganda behind what made it illegal is ill-conceived, dirty, and deceitful. So why was weed really made illegal? Cotton. Picked by hand, not by choice, this plant material became the staple of modern clothing in the early 1900’s, making millions of dollars…until hemp came along.images-2

Here’s this new material; it’s cheaper, more durable, more prosperous, even revolutionary. Get where the problem began yet? If not allow me to simplify. A plant, easy to grow and utilize, that is much cheaper and less labor intensive to cultivate, could bring millions, if not billions of dollars in revenue, but not if cotton could stop it first. At the same time that hemp was becoming more known, so were the plants recreational properties, and the major fabric manufacturers decided to capitalize on it. See, when a large corporation makes millions, the government will give it special attention, and do its best to help them keep making millions, and hemp was stopping them.

Unknown-7Remember Reefer Madness? I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if not, its a movie from the 1930’s depicting marijuana smokers (or Marihuana, how it was spelled then) as crazed lunatics that would fight, scream, go crazy, and even kill. Its funny seeing that as you’re sitting on you’re couch eating chips laughing at how wrong they were. Unfortunately, it was propaganda like this and other facts such as, “Women who smoke marihuana are at a greater risk of being raped by large black men.” OH REALLY? That there is good ‘ol American racism at its finest. However, thats all it took to make weed illegal and anything related to it, like hemp. What bullshit excuses have you heard? Let us know!


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