Weed vs. Alcohol: a stoner’s view

Yes. Weed is illegal, and yes alcohol is not. But which one is really worse? If you’re a stoner like me, you know the answer, but for some reason, most people just don’t get it. Might as well start with the obvious statistics.

Deaths from alcohol annually: 2,331…today.         Deaths from weed: 0…forever.

Car accidents from alcohol: 10,228 in 2010          Car accidents from weed: 0…forever (again)

alcohol vs weeedI know that last one about weed accidents may not seem true, but there is no compelling evidence that proves that marijuana inhibits driving abilities and motor skills as seriously as mild alcohol doses. If just those facts aren’t enough to convince, stop being ignorant, try both, and figure it out for yourself.

Alcohol inhibits brain function, delays response time, and basically makes you turn into a FUCKING DUMBASS. You never hear on the news, “Man high on marijuana falls down stairs and dies,” or, “Stoner man beats wife to death,” yet weed is the bad guy. Alcohol changes people, removes morals, and releases an animal normally caged inside of us. When this beast is released. Its not pretty. As the stoners stay inside and destroy society by talking with friends and playing video games HIGH AS FUCK, there’s riots in the streets as drunk idiots get shot with bean bags. It’s an obvious decision to make, yet everybody is afraid. Maybe one day it will just click for people…Which do you prefer? Let us know why!


7 thoughts on “Weed vs. Alcohol: a stoner’s view

  1. I’ve been a drunk, and I’ve been a stoner. I currently still smoke. It took me 15 yrs to realize how dangerous alcohol really is. When you wake up in jail with a hangover on your birthday, it really makes you think, ” why do I drink?” Nothing good ever came from drinking. ALCOHOL MAKES YOU A FUCKING DUMBASS!!! I started smoking at 16. I had the worst temper, and very low self esteem. After I smoked, my temper was in check, and I felt better in my own skin. Any idiot can drink til they are happy. My father chose alcohol over his family. How many stoners leave their family flat broke? It is a crime that alcohol is not illegal. Of course, without the revenue produced by alcohol taxes and DUI convictions and fines levied, how could our government survive. It’s all politics. Fuck our government and fuck our politicians. If they truly cared about the people, alcohol would have been abolished for good during prohibition. Bob Dylan said it best, “everybody must get stoned!” Legalize it!!!!!!

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