How to Make: Vaporizer Vortex Bong (ghetto)

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m baked I start thinking some genius thoughts.  And sometimes they are almost genius! Anyway, As you all know, J and I own the Magic Flight Launch Box.  We normally hit it through the acrylic stem (like your supposed to) and it gets us pretty baked.  So I thought to myself, how can I get my money’s worth out of this contraption?  At first I thought how could I make a gravity bong out of the vape. Then I took a Gatorade bottle and cut a hole out of the cap just big enough to where the acrylic stem fit snug.  Next, I burnt a hole at the base of the bottle with a lighter.  The hole was big enough to cover it with a finger.  I then covered the hole with my finger and poured water into it, but then I felt stupid.  I would have to hold the vape vertical to empty the water out of the bottle, but as the instructions state, the MFLB must be parallel to the ground to work.  Back to the drawing board…


It helps to have one of these

Then it fucking hit me.  What if i use the hole were I put my finger to place my mouth there and pull the vapor out of the MFLB with my lungs into the bottle.  So I gave it a try, held the battery and started basically sipping the hole at the base of the bottle at a constant rate, and surprisingly I was right.  The vapor was pulled in out of the vape in a stream like form. It’s incredibly easy to make, and can double as a Waterfall GB. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!!


3 thoughts on “How to Make: Vaporizer Vortex Bong (ghetto)

  1. I was thinking about taking my vape pen and simply putting the mouth piece where you would put a bowl on a gravity bong (on the cap with a little metal screw thing) and just heating up the pen til all the weed is vaped then just unscrew the cap and hit it but for some reason I don’t think it will work. thoughts?

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