When Life Gives You Oranges (smoke it)

IMG_3708“Orange Kush”

Cost:Free 2 gs! Got it from a buddy who quit. Ain’t that lucky?

Look: Light green, big orange hairs, compact nug

Smell: Tangy, orange, fruity, citrus

Taste: Citrus, earthy, smooth, light. Its always hard to taste the specific flavors from a vape, but it tasted delicious. Although the stuff we got may have been a little dry, it didn’t burn any quicker or slower than fresh bud, and it got us high for sure.

High: For how old this bud was, it was some of the stronger stuff we’ve smoked. Just a couple rips from our vape vortex bong (tutorial coming soon), and we were blitzed. It’s definitely a major head high, and I’m getting lock jaw big time…buuuut its worth it. It’s not a very mellow high which is a downside in my opinion, not to say it it can’t be energizing as well, it is a hybrid…The thing I dislike most about this bud is that it always leaves me with a mild headache when I come down.

Bottom Line: We recommend this bud for special occasions, or when you’re in the mood for something more flavorful. However, nobody likes an annoying headache, so either smoke more or take an advil because otherwise it won’t be a pleasant climb down.


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