I’m Blue (for more green I would die)

IMG_3737Green Dream (green crack & blue dream hybrid)

Cost: Free, only smoked a bowl

Look: Light green, red hairs, very crystally, almost white

Taste: Earthy, piney, fruity, which was a surprisingly nice combination of flavors. The earthy piney taste came from the green crack and the fruity undertone was from the blue dream. Of course this wasn’t a flavor explosion of fruits and bark, but it was a very mild smooth taste, which was nice.

High: This bud definitely takes over you’re whole body. Have you ever been so high that it feels like  you were hit by a couple freight trains? This is like getting hit by 10 freight trains. However, I have cotton mouth like a MOTHER FUCKER right now, and i’m not digging it. I feel extremely mellowed out, and I know I’m going to sleep great tonight.

Bottom Line: This bud is dank as fugg, but the cotton mouth is overwhelming. I wouldn’t recommend smoking this mid-day, because you’ll be put on your ass and you won’t be getting up anytime soon. My advice, take a couple rips a few hours before bed, laugh your ass off, enjoy time with friends, then PASS THE FUCK OUT. After all, that’s half the reason we smoke right? That damn good sleep.


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