SuperBOWL Sunday

So, what a game huh? HA. I really expected more from Peyton Manning. I was actually hoping he would, that old bastard needs to retire. But anyway, this was a very special Super Bowl for us stoners. Know why? First, check out our map—-> Now, it is legal to use marijuana for recreational use in both Washington and Colorado, home to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

This was no ordinary Super Bowl, it was a super BOWL. A nice bong, some dank outdoor grown Sour Diesel, and kief sprinkles, I got as high as everyone in Washington and Colorado during the game. Who needs alcohol when you can just shut you’re brain down. And, even better, getting home from the game and ripping a quick dab to top it all off. So yes we’re soarin’ right now, and you should be too! It doesn’t have to be a super bowl or any other special occasion to get high, so just Nike (do it).

There is also conflict within the NFL now on whether or not to allow players to use more “natural medicines,” hinting at weed. Imagine if millionaires literally got to get high and payed millions to footballtackle some dudes on a big field. When you think about it, it doesn’t seem all that fair to the normal stoners, the broke ones, not payed millions to tackle dudes. But, at least they entertain us for the most part. And, if the NFL does agree, it could help push the movement a little farther, and we like that.


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