Oh, What to Do (when high)…

This may be one of the most difficult simple dilemmas faced by stoners today. What to do when you’re stoned, with nothing to do. That statement alone is stupid. First off, you’re smoking weed, thats something to do right there. SMOKE MORE! You can never say no to smoking more weed (especially if its not your own). There are literally hundreds of things that one could do high, that would be boring sober, or maybe just not as fun.

How about music? I know its what everyone says, but all that “dub step stoned is crazy” bullshit is well, bullshit. Listen to what you truly enjoy hearing, whether its classical music or hardcore metal. I know when I’m stoned there’s nothing like a soothing indie song like You & I by Local keep calmNatives to just vibe me out hard. It’s almost as if the music becomes a part of you, rather than just a sound you hear walking to the bus or class. Something else that I have found to be fun while high is showering. A great thing to do is (if you have a bathtub shower or shower you can lay in) lay down on your back in the shower stoned, put on some good music, hit the lights, and space out. Its a great time to just think about stuff and contemplate.

Of course, there’s eating. However, I do not condone hardcore munching because I have seen first hand what it can do to a stomach. My advice if you’re going to eat is to eat as healthy as possible with a couple shitty snacks in there, then swap to gum. The key with munching is to keep track of what you’re eating so you don’t wipe out your entire food supply. Just pop in some gum, and it completely distracts you from you’re hunger.

It never hurts to munch.

It never hurts to munch.

I know this is only a few things to do high, but hey, maybe its something you haven’t done yet. Got any better ideas?? LET US KNOW!


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