Be My Stoner Valentine

Ok, so with Valentines day just around the corner (next week), I decided to do a piece on what to get for your significant stoner other. If you have that boyfriend or girlfriend who hates smoking but tolerates you doing it, then you’re shit out of luck, because they aren’t buying you anything weed related except a rehab gift card. But if you’re one of the lucky ones with that sexy stoner girlfriend, you might be in for a nice present. However, it never hurts to make a suggestion of what you’d like…such as that new smoking utensil you’ve been eyeing up!

Maybe you want a new vaporizer. Have you’re girl or guy check out the vaporgenieVaperGenie vaporizer. It is only $55, comes in 9 different colors, and is a nice beginner vape. Keep in mind that this is not an electric vaporizer. It involves holding the flame at the perfect distance to vaporize the bud in the pipe through a filtered screen. This creates a rather large learning curve, but that comes with most cheaper vaporizers.

If you’re like me, you want a nice glass bong. If money is an object, look into the Black Leaf Elite bong, you can read our review of it here —> If money is not an object, then I envy you. Basically pick any bong you want and get it at this point. Personally, I am fan of the Medicali Glass bongs. You can check out their stuff here—–>

Nothin like a box of pipes

Nothin like a box of pipes

If you just want a bowl or something, you can find a nice one at the gas station or head shop down the street for $15-30. Personally, I think bowls are horrible for you, burn your throat, and really don’t do much beside make you cough a lot. But hey, maybe you were started and raised on a bowl (like me) and have just grown to love it, then get yourself a very nice bowl. No matter what you get its the thought that counts, plus you could get some great high sex.


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