You’re Not Munching…You’re Starving.

Hey you, sitting there reading this with an entire bag of chips in your lap. Ya, YOU. Munchies are not what we used to believe they were. You know, the usual. Get stoned, eat, chill, repeat. However, there is a real scientific reason behind this that has recently been discovered by scientists in Europe, studying the effects of THC on the brain. These tests were constructed using rats, which have an uncanny resemblance in brain function and activity to humans.

For those that do not know, when you smoke weed, the THC goes to the brain and intercepts and blocks the cannabinoid receptors. For those who do not know that cannabinoid receptors brainare, they are little containers in the brain which create and distribute natural cannabinoids, the medical chemical found in weed. What THC does is block these receptors, while mimicking the cannabinoids that they produce, in bulk. This in turn causes the brain to enhance its senses, mainly in smell. Smell and taste are very closely related, which is why food tastes and smells way better when you’re high. But that is not all that causes the munchies.

What really causes munchies, and I’m talking those endless munchies where the house gets empties of all food that once existed, is actually kind of scary. The THC can mimic the feeling of starvation. With a heightened sense of smell and taste, this is a recipe for disaster (or a recipe for chocolate cake). The brain is tricked into thinking that it is actually starving, thus leading you to eat endlessly, until you finally snap back into reality to grab more food and realize you already ate

Munchies always make for the best creations

Munchies always make for the best creations

it all.

So what does this all mean? Many of us knew before that munchies was caused by weed and THC, but never to this extent. Next time you’re munching, think about how hungry you are at the time, and how hungry you really should be, and you’ll be surprised at how different you feel. A little hint to how you will feel: starving.

If you want more information about this study, check it out here—>


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