Barney’s Purple Kush

photo 4Purple Kush

Cost: $35 for 2 gs

Look: Purple, orange hairs, dark green

Smell: Just like fruity pebbles.

Taste: Some buds taste good, some buds taste bad, this bud tastes delicious. Just like it smells like fruity pebbles, the taste follows. It’s like smoking the cereal…mixed with grass and leaves.

The Experience: Yes we changed this category from the high to the experience, but we realized that it isn’t just a high, it’s like an adventure, an experience. It has a head high, which is making my neck a little sore. However, one hit from the bubbler and I felt something. Smoking everyday can build up a tolerance, but after a hit and some patience I’m soarin’. To round it up, it starts in the head, and moves down the body, relaxing you entirely.

Bottom Line: This is some dank bud. Plus who doesn’t love seeing weed with purple in it? It smells great, tastes great, gets you high quick, and leaves you feeling great. We here at BBB highly recommend it.



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