Seth Rogen Special

IMG_3764Pineapple Express

Cost: $60 1/8

Look: Very dense, dark green, dark orange hairs, not very crystally

Smell: Very fruity, sweet, and always the given, earthy

Taste: Fruity, not much pineapple taste if you ask me, nothing too special about it actually. It tastes good, it is smooth, and it gets the job done, what else do you need?

The Experience: You’re gonna get a Major Lazer head high from this bud, and it’s going to mess you up. This weed is really dank, especially when we smoke it out of our homemade percolator bong (tutorial coming soon). One rip and we were high. Two and we were soaring… Five hits deep, and we don’t remember where we are. It’s difficult to keep my eyes open and I can’t even spell (thanks autocorrect). This bud is definitely helping to keep me focused on the task at hand, but I do feel a little tense. My shoulder muscles keep getting stiff on me which is a bummer, but I think it’s because I’m typing. It’s good bud, give it a shot, why not, its good pot, don’t eat snott, cus’ you’ll rot, unless you rip this tree, and set your mind truly free. Yes. That’s how high I am. I just freestyled on you.

Bottom Line: If our experience doesn’t tickle your fancy, fine. But please smoke this bud. It may only be 17% THC (according to but I’m higher than a mother fucker and as long as you have more you’ll always get high. So yes, we recommend this bud.



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