Reno 911


Cost: $15 1g

Look: Light green, many bright orange hairs, very crystally

Smell: Sweet, strong earthy scent, piney

Taste:  So were hittin it from the vape, and surprisingly, I’m getting a strong earthy taste along with the usual burnt popcorn flavor from the MFLB.  The earthy taste makes it the best flavored bud I’ve ever vaped before and were flyin.

The Experience: As I sit here, writing this masterpiece, I realize that this weed is fucking great.  Reno packs a killer head high along with a small but noticeable body buzz.  I’m experiencing total relaxation along with sharp focus.  Two of us were only able to finish 1 and a half trenches before the battery died, but it got the job done.  Now we transfer what we have left from the vape to the bong… and… pow right in the kisser.  I got knocked the fuck out (Friday reference).

Bottom Line: Reno smells good, tastes good, and the high is great.  We highly recommend this bud to the common vapist, mainly due to its more powerful taste when used in a vaporizer.


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