Dreaming in Orange (Tangerine Dream Review)

IMG_3781Tangerine Dream

Cost: $180 half oz.

Look: Orange hairs, lighter green, not very crystally on the outside, but once we cracked it open it was like a sparkler in there.

Smell: There is a definitely a strong citrus smell to this bud, given its name of course it is expected. It also has a rather earthy smell.

Taste: This may be weird, and it may just be because we’re high, but one taste we got was oatmeal, and another was steak. We’re just high. The taste is dominantly earthy, however, the citrus taste was very hard to find, which we did not expect. So, nothing special in the taste department for Mr. TD.

The Experience: Tangerine Dream packs a whollup. Hot damn we’re stoned. Until the music changed. “Oh hell no, my vibe is totally killed,” I thought…Then comes on Yonkers by Tyler the Creator. A classic. Quite a leap from Rebelution (reggae) to Tyler (dark rap), but I can vibe to it, like you! So, back to the high. It’s a very very powerful body high with an extremely deep head high as well. However, it is good with keeping focus, listening to music, writing articles, etc. We also feel pretty euphoric, which is always a plus.

Bottom Line: Fuck the fame and all the hype G, we always got some dank weed, we aren’t blogging faggot hipsters on pitchfork, but we get that bud from New York. There ya go…a pretty horrible rap, but I wrote it…and I’m white. This weed definitely gets a TD in the high department, so if you’re just going for super stoned (which we all are), this is the stuff to go for. Also, it can be up to 25%THC…that’s always a plus too.


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