Best Buds Go to Cali

California-Medical-Marijuana-LawsT here from BBB. I have spent the past few days in the lovely city of Pasadena, California, right outside LA, and all I can say is that lovely is an understatement. Going from near freezing temperatures on the gloomy and grey east coast to the sunny palm trees of Cali is quite an eye opener.

Besides the difference in temperature, there is something else that makes California stand out: the bud. Oh yes, the sweet, sweet bud. It can be quite difficult, I found, to obtain Cali MJ, but after a little digging and talking to the right people I was able to get a taste of all the hype. Now, for those who don’t know, California was the first state in the USA to make marijuana legal for medicinal use, and ever since that glorious day, Cali has been pumping out some of the finest buds known to man.

Unfortunately, I did not get my bud straight from a dispensary, seeing as how I’m from the east coast and it wasn’tUnknown really possible. The bud I got, however, was still impressive. The funny thing is, the guy I got it from gave me extra because he said it wasn’t “quality”. Really? Try visiting the east coast. Shitty bud in Cali can stand up right next to the “highs” of the east.

I’m proud to say that I have never smoked more joints than I did in Cali. I was unable 967130c8ab2811e395eb126dff410949_5to get a bowl due to the fact that I would have to clean it thoroughly before being able to bring it back to the east coast, and being a stoner; fuck that. On the bright side my J rolling game is on point now. Oh ya, so back to the bud.

Yes it was good, nothing too special, but good. It had a very nice taste to it, and it was very smooth compared to other buds I’ve had on the east coast.


Obviously I’m going to highly recommend going to Cali, and here’s why:

1. The weather is almost always perfect

2. The people are laid back and friendly (most of the time)



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