Best Bud’s Dorm Daze

Alright, this one’s for all you college stoners stuck in lame ass dorms. The fact of the matter is that dorms FUCKING SUCK when you’re stoned. You’re trapped in small room with limited space, and not a lot to do. Well, here’s some shit for ya.


1. Video Games- As long as you have a game you enjoy playing sober, you’ll LOVE IT baked. Check out our article on the best video games to play high by clicking here!


2. Listen to Music- Listening to music high is one of the greatest experiences one can enjoy after blazing. There’s always the typical reggae “stoner” music, but there’s much more beyond that too. Maybe you have a favorite song you always listen to; listen to it baked. For some reason, it’s much easier to pick out and hear every little sound in a song when baked. We recommend trying out a classical song. Sure it’s the most boring thing ever sober, but for some reason, when I’m stoned, the harmonies and instruments seem to just hit me all at once. It’s incredible. Try it. RIGHT NOW.



3. SMOKE MORE- There’s nothing better than getting in a circle with you’re friends and taking Gravity Bong rips from a Gatorade bottle in the bathroom. Plus, you get higher, and that’s all we really want right? To get high as shit all the time.


Ok, so that last one is a given, and not necessarily a dorm activity, but then again, you are in a dorm, and it’s limited. The truth is, weed can make a lot of things better. Just be creative, think of normal things, and do them high and see if it makes a difference. Got any other ideas? Seeing as how our list is quite small, you should. LET US KNOW!


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