For the Stoned at Heart

Oh no! Philosophy! Calm down, we aren’t discussing the meaning of life, or whether or not you should pull the plug on your mother, just some simple advice for keeping the good vibes going.

People can be cruel, mean, murderous, and evil. The world sucks to be honest. It revolves around bad things happening to others. It’s a harsh reality, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved one person at a time. So what is our philosophy? It can be kinda difficult to understand, but I’m just throwing it out there for now.

Our philosophy: Never treat someone as mere means to an end, but as an end in themselves.

So what exactly does this mean? Well, when you go to the store and buy something, you pay a cashier and go on your merry way. That is treating someone as a means to an end. You need that cashier to get your goods and go. So how would you treat them as an end in themselves? Maybe spark a conversation, or even a simple gratuity or “thank you” wouldn’t hurt.

It can be hard to appreciate the little things we take for granted when we are all so busy looking at the big picture. People have problems, and people are sad, but you don’t know whom. For all you know, starting a simple conversation and saying thanks can be the difference between life and death for someone going through a hard time.

The point is, as cheesy as it sounds, everybody should just try to be nicer to each other. If everyone just slowed down and talked, appreciated what they got, and appreciated others as more than objects for obtaining what we want, the world may even get better. Just keep the good vibes going, and spread the love. Bring the world out of the darkness.


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