The Prodigal Bud

IMG_3881Sour Kush (formally known as Headband)

Cost: $180 half oz

Look: Along with the typical green color, this bud has an excess of orange hairs. It is also extremely crystally. It is fairly compact and dense. When held it is very sticky, and does not break easily.

Smell: This bud is so pungent it takes over a room in a matter of seconds. It definitely has the sour smell from the sour diesel, along with a hay-like smell. Not having OG Kush prior to the combination we could not find a distinct smell from the OG Kush, but the combination creates an overwhelming delicious sweet and sour smell.

Taste: We smoked this bud out of a bowl, a bubbler, vape, and a gravity bong, just to try and get the flavor. It was a very strong taste but we just couldn’t place our finger on it. It was very fruity at times, and had a lingering earthy taste that sat on the tongue after each hit. It had the stereotypical weed taste. but it was actually stronger and more bold, which was nice. We recommend

The Experience: Well, we managed to completely forget about this article within minutes of smoking, and left for over an hour. It was not until we returned and started watching TV that I remembered about it. With that said, this bud gave us a major head high, that lasts quite a long time. It is pretty euphoric, but it doesn’t slow you down at all which is a bonus. This is the type of bud you do a Smokapalooza with.

Bottom Line: This is very quite possibly the dopest dope the Best Buds have ever smoked. It looks great, smells, incredible, tastes good, and leaves you baked for hours. What’s not to love about it? However, for flavor we do recommend vaping. In the end, its all about the high, and damn does Sour Kush deliver.


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