The Curse of Dank Dick

tumblr_maantywHcj1rx8va9o1_500-4942We all know that there’s nothing better than sex while stoned. We also know that when one drinks too much alcohol, the hated “Whiskey Dick” comes out. There is nothing worse then being naked in bed with a gorgeous girl, and the little brain can’t think hard enough to get hard. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be the case with weed. It’s called Dank Dick, and it’s a phenomenon much like its predecessor. As weed becomes more popular, more and more men will suffer from Dank Dick, and we as stoner men must find the cure!

Some studies have claimed that Marijuana sharply reduces the level of male sexual hormones, disrupts chromosomes and promotes undesired genetic changes. Now, the genetic changes I can deal with, bimages-3ut sex is too good to miss out on. So, if marijuana secretly prevents you from being horny, why is it that we are the horniest when high? There may not be specific studies on the arousal effects of marijuana, but we all get a little excited when we’re stoned and see some boobies on the TV.
Maybe there is a way to combat Dank Dick, and that’s what we’re going to figure out.


1. Don’t smoke as much– smoking too much weed can have it’s downsides, such as shaking, paranoia, and lack of erection.

2. Try something new– Sometimes our brains turn in to mush from all those internet videos, that tarnish our expectations of sex in real life. Maybe if we were to try some of those crazy positions, suggested by our friends at High Times, it would be easier to get up, in more ways than one.

3. Porn?– As frowned upon as it may be, so is weed. So give it a shot. Either on your own, or with a partner to get you both going.Unknown-2

4. Foreplay– If you’re like me, you enjoy nothing like hearing a lady have a good time. Put in some work on her, and maybe that could be enough to get you primed and ready to go.

5. Bang through it (literally)– Weed has been known in some cases to increase the time it takes for a guy to “finish the race”. This is a great way to try new things, and get a great workout. Plus every guy loves bragging about how long they can last (45 min is my record). Top that.


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