Cloud V Vape Pen Review

So the lovely folks over at Cloud V Enterprises was kind enough to send us their Platinum and Classic vape pen to test out and review for you lovely stoner people. Since the Platinum is basically a classic on steroids, the primary focus of this review will be on the Platinum V.

To start, this pen has some pretty sweet features on it. The pen comes in a wide array of colors, 90% of them being pretty badass. Right from that fateful first touch, this pen was lighter than a lot of other pens. It also features a cool little window on the cap so you can see the vapor form and fill the chamber when you take those big ‘ol rips. The button on the pen lights up bright blue when you press it down for a hit (about 4 seconds). Lastly, the pen comes with a Platinum Tornado Atomizer, which is a little smaller than the classic atomizer, with a little nicer coil and wick setup.


Now, when it came to actually hitting this pen, well, yes. This pen rips incredibly smooth. The rubber mouthpiece at the top helps cools down the hit, as well as the spacious chamber where the atomizer is. Each hit took about 4 seconds holding the button to heat up, and a nice solid vapor would form. When we tested this pen with hash, we decided to hold the button a little longer a couple times to see what would happen. Well, it cherried, and we got very baked.

Bottom Line:

Hash- 9/10

Oil- 10/10

Overall, this pen is great.  The learning curve for this pen is pretty small, as it is only for concentrates. It is also only $50 for a classic and $80 for the platinum. Obviously, just go with the platinum. It’s quite cheap for a top of the line cannabis cup winning pen.


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