Death Star OG

Cost: $110 quarter ounce

Look: You can barely see the green for the substantial amount of light to dark orange hairs all over this bud. Trichromes cover this bud from the stem to the tip. When broken into, the undisturbed trichromes cover the green weed completely.

Taste: I smoked this weed out of a gravity bong, ate it in firecrackers, weed tea, and a bowl. The taste from what I can tell is much like it looks: too good to be true. This bud leaves you salivating for more, tasting as acidic as a ripe orange. There is obviously the bud taste that all buds have, but I think we can all agree that certain buds have distinct palettes.

The Experience: Within the first ten minutes of me getting this bud, I dived right in with a couple gravs to the face. I was not prepared for what was to come next: all out sensual loss of perception and time. My mind was on cloud nine, looking at that Skyrim pause screen. I let myself zone out for a good fifteen minutes staring at a pause screen. I think that can tell you a little bit about how the high was for this strain. Definitely an indica due to the short and round buds I received, this bud will sit your ass down. This morning I took it in a firecracker and exactly an hour and a half later I was sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy while my lost “Cup Noodles” got cold in the kitchen. Definitely a strain where tolerance isn’t an issue.

Bottom Line: This is a great bud for anyone with pain problems. I have knee problems myself that have recently been acting up, and this strain completely took my mind off of it. The taste, smell, look and overall quality of this bud is astounding and will leave you wanting more Death Star OG…and Doritos.


Death Star 1 Death Star 2


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