$20 G? How bout a pound.

The market price in January, 1927, for domestic cannabis (U.S.P.) was 23 to 33 cents a pound.”

Wow…Just…Wow. Just imagine paying $0.33 and getting enough weed to sedate an entire stable of horses, like 30 times. It’s nuts seeing that statistic from less than 100 years ago, and seeing the prices we pay now just for a gram. So why are the prices so jacked up now compared to then? Let’s look into it.

So…In 1927, domestic cannabis was $0.23-33 a pound. Let me just reiterate; A POUND. 10 years later in 1937 the government starting cracking down (barely). They added a levy of $1 per ounce used for medicinal purposes, and $100 per ounce for recreational use. Ok, so if you wanted to weed mathsmoke an ounce of your 50 cent pound, you either paid $1, or $100…Just get a medical card (if they even existed then). From then on, prohibition was set in motion and we are where we are now.

Following inflation, a pound of marijuana today should cost roughly $4.50…Now if that doesn’t piss you off then you’re either rich or just don’t care. My guess is 99.99% of us fit in that “I don’t care” category. But hey, next time you meet your guy to pick up that $20 g, just remember that you should really be getting about 5 pounds instead…thank the government for helping your dealer get rich.


5 thoughts on “$20 G? How bout a pound.

  1. That’s a very smart way of thinking about it, but you also have to factor in the illegality of the situation and supply and demand. Supply and demand can make areas like the east coast $20 and places on the west coast (excluding legal/mmj states) $10-15 dollars.

    • That’s my point exactly B. Sure, it SHOULD be $4.00 for a pound today, but due to prohibition and the levies put on it, the black market has taken over and has been able to greatly inflate the prices, rendering it well over-priced. But that’s what people are used to so it really doesn’t have that much of an impact.

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