Dab a Dab a Doo

Oh, sweet, sweet dabs. I cannot express my love for these potent and powerful marijuana ass concentrateskickers. If you have not experienced a dab in your lifetime, you’re missing out. Trust me. Maybe there’s a reason you haven’t dabbed yet. Are you on the east coast? That makes it a little more difficult. Is it illegal in your state? There’s a road block. But the most difficult obstacle in obtaining oil,  shatter, budder, wax, etc., is OBTAINING IT. Holy shit is it hard. Sure you can make it yourself, just don’t blow your house up.

So what is oil and all those other tasty concentrates? Well, it’s exactly that. A concentrate. It is the

A nice, expensive extractor.

A nice, expensive extractor.

purified form of THC, extracted from the marijuana buds. Imagine taking the kief from your grinder and turning it into, well, basically super kief; but oily. There are numerous different ways to make oil, from pumping highly combustible butane through the bud, or using an extractor. Well, we’re not all millionaires, so the dangerous butane is the best option, unfortunately. But that’s not what we’re talking about here! We’re talking about getting stoned off your ass from a nice, tasty, cough inducing dab.

A dab can be taken from a super heated metal nail, attached to a bubbler or bong. Now, here’s how it will go down. Using a fucking blow torch, the nail is heated until it’s sizzling red. Then, you shall drop thou dab on that nail. You can either suck like you’re running out of air and pass the fuck nailout, or take it in slowly, enjoy the flavor, and blow out that massive cloud of smoke as you cough yourself to satisfaction. In the end, one dab equals (depending on size) the equivalent of smoking an entire bong bowl with kief on top to yourself. Yes, it’s that good. If you haven’t already texted your guy or sprinted to the dispensary, I suggest you do so now, and please, for the love of weed, GET STONED AS FUCK.


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