The Dark Green Road (a poem)

It started with a plant, a wild weed in the wilderness. When consumed, this plant seemed to reduce the feeling of bitterness. Maybe this feeling was toward our society, as it was not how we wanted it to be. The government was shady, as it was a time of unrest. The people were unsure of what was best. Was this plant of use, or subject to abuse? Could it be used a cash crop, or would it make bodies drop? Did the people have a say in what happened to their plant? Of course not, as big pharma had already made their stand. The “drug” was “dangerous” and lead to violence and rape, but where was the evidence? Was there even debate? The drug was made illegal and taken from the people, so big corporations could profit as society became feeble. The light shined dim on the plant of miracle, as society became more cynical, and weed was more whimsical. Only losers smoked the reefer, and users were seen as weaker. Then the hippie movement began, and all the stoners ran, to the west coast, the golden state where marijuana flourished, and the plants were well nourished. The dangers were overestimated, and the use of weed once again escalated. Regulations began to be discussed, as the big corporations filled with disgust. Medical cards started to be issued, and the loss of money to big pharma led to increase in sales of tissues. Now recreational use has been permitted, even though use was still limited. As progress continues the path becomes brighter, and one day soon we will all share a lighter, and pass the pipe around the circle as we start to feel like Urkel. Stoned and happy we all unite, to fight the battle day and night. We will be successful and one day rejoice, as marijuana becomes legal and we finally have a choice.


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