Best Buds Bangin’ Firecrackers

All right Munchy Monsters here’s one for you. So you want to get high but you’re also kinda hungry…what in the world are you going to do? Make some edibles son! There is no easier and quicker edible to make than the lovely mini pack-a-punch firecracker. The firecracker is the perfect edible to make if you’re alone or with a couple other people and don’t feel like throwing away $180 cooking half an oz into brownies. Firecrackers only take about 0.5 grams and can get you high for quite some time.

What you’ll need:

1. About 0.5g (more is never a bad thing)

2. Graham crackers (only need one 4-piece cracker per firecracker)

3. Nutella or high-fat peanut butter

4. Tinfoil

5. An oven (no shit)

graham nutella tinfoil






1. Ok, so first thing you need to do is preheat your oven to 250* Fahrenheit (used as F for future reference)

2. While the oven preheats, wrap your buds (0.5g or more) in tin foil and make sure they are wrapped as tightly as possible so air cannot escape.

3. Once the oven heats up throw the little tinfoil buds in there for 15 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, start prepping your delicious crackers. Take the four-piece graham cracker and break it in half so there are two pieces (you’re making a sandwich if you haven’t guessed).

5. Take your Nutella or peanut butter and spread it generously over both crackers.firecracker

6. BAM! Your bud just finished baking and it smells nice and skunky in your house. Do not fear, for the spray is under your sink!

7. If baked correctly (and I don’t mean you, stoner), the buds will crumble to dust when touched after opening the tinfoil holding them.

8. After taking the buds out, re-preheat (if that’s a thing) the oven to 350* F.

9. Take the nice brown baked buds and spread them over one cracker and stir in as well as possible (don’t be lazy), then put the other nutella/peanut butter covered cracker on top and lightly squish the crackers together.

10. Finally, wrap the cracker sandwich with your nutella/peanut butter and weed filling in more tinfoil, same as the buds, and throw that jaunt in the oven for 20 minutes.

finished cracker


Now, be warned. Firecrackers do not fuck around with your brain. Let me tell of my experience with this recipe. I had attempted to make firecrackers before with peanut butter, following some random recipe I found on the Internet. Did it work? Unfortunately not. I got a minor buzz and just ended up smoking more to move it along anyway. However, this recipe was much different. Prior to making my cracker I had smoked a bowl from my bong, had sex, and smoked again, so I was fairly high. By the time the crackers were done I was still pretty buzzed but not especially high in any way. I ate this firecracker and went out on the town (sort of). I went to a consignment shop and got a badass zippo (jealous?), which managed to take about 50 minutes. After this point I felt about as high as when I first smoked the bong. So I’m thinking “Ok, so I’m not going to get super baked like I thought but at least I’m pretty baked.” Boy was I wrong. Not even an hour later I could barely formulate a sentence let alone get up from the couch. Here’s the catch; I was stoned out of my mind for a solid 7 hours. Yes, 7 HOURS. This is coming from a stoner who smokes everyday and didn’t even expect the crackers to work. The experience ended with me literally falling into a sleep coma and passing out at my girl’s house until 4:30 AM, and waking up with no idea where I was.

So you might ask does this recipe work? Even though I know I shouldn’t even have to answer that question…YES THEY FUCKING WORK. Now go make ‘em and let us know about your experience!


3 thoughts on “Best Buds Bangin’ Firecrackers

  1. I made these…they were awesome!! I followed the recipe exactly…I ate them on an empty stomach and they started kicking in about 20-30 minutes after I ate them…I was super stoned for about 4hours and buzzing for another 3…Thank you!! Great recipe!!

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