Making Heads Meet

Work 4 WeedIn today’s current market, weed is not only a commodity, but also a luxury. It is expensive…AS SHIT. Is it worth it? Some may argue no, but I believe it is. However, it can be difficult to afford this rather pricey hobby, especially if you don’t have a job. Why don’t you have a job? Maybe you’re still in middle school or something. In that case, STOP SMOKING. You shouldn’t be doing that anyway. Perhaps you were recently let off or quit a shitty job (like me). That is not an excuse to sit around moping about how you were fired and it’s not your fault. Get a job. However, if you’re like me, the hardest part of getting up and getting a job to afford more bud, is getting up. Sitting around smoking weed all day has its impact; despite the myth busting attempts to disprove this. Smoking a lot can make one quite lazy, and why get up and look for a lame-ass job when Workaholics is on all day?!

But like I said, the hardest part is GETTING UP. Just do it, Nike style. Get up, go out, look around, talk to people, meet people, and apply. With marijuana becoming more and more accepted, fewer companies drug test for jobs, making it much easier to get a solid job without having to quit cold turkey for a couple months. My advice: find a job you enjoy.

Sure in this economy one can’t be too picky, but there is still room for adventure. Do not settle for some stupid job where you sit around being somebody’s bitch for hours on end and contemplate jumping out a window because of the unbearable boredom. Just think about what you enjoy doing and how it can be translated into a business aspect, whether its babysitting for strangers or do what you loveattaching trucks to skateboards all day. Nobody can tell you what YOU WANT TO DO. Only you know and only you can act on it and make moves. Weed is a great thing, but so is self-satisfaction. When you can do something you enjoy and even get rewarded for it (with money for more weed!), how can you lose?


4 thoughts on “Making Heads Meet

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