Smokin’ on the Job

and im stonedSo if you read my last article on getting a job while being a stoner, you should know that smoking before or during work can really be a hit or miss action.

Granted, it really depends on your job that determines whether or not smoking before work is even a good idea. For example, if you know your job doesn’t drug test, and you’re good at what you do and know that being high will not impact your performance, then go for it dude, you got the easy job. However, there are still those jobs out there that have a new employee drug test type scenario,Drug Test in which you will be drug tested at the beginning of your new job, then told you “may” be “tested” “again”…Yes, unnecessary, quotations, but fugg it right? Anyway, a good majority of these jobs will not drug test after the first, so clean yourself out for a few days, take the test, wait a couple weeks to make sure the coast is clear, and smoke up.

However, there is the chance that you have a real job and not some random college kid job that is low stress. If you’re in a serious position in your life, then maybe it’s time to back away from the bud for a while and gain a firm grounding in your career before you start indulging. Remember, sweet Mary Jane is still a luxury, and not just because of cost. Just like alcohol, some people cannot handle their shit when they’re stoned. The last thing you want is going into work all red-eyed and dropping a bowl of hot soup on an elderly woman because you’re so high you can support the weight…but then again I’m smoking at work right now, and who the fuck am I to tell you what to do? Do whatever the hell you want.


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