A Green World

Hello there, high kid. No I didn’t just say hello twice, you’re just that stoned, and I’m happy for you. Now, allow me the honor of invading your brain and filling it with random ideas that you can transcend upon in your heightened stupor.

Miles of federally grown marijuana. Still worth it?

Miles of federally grown marijuana. Still worth it?

Picture this: Marijuana, legal nationwide, under federal law, regulated like alcohol. Due to legality, prices have plummeted. A Gram is mere $5 and an ounce is only $100 for the finest. Where would you be? Would you be the same as you are now? Would smoking even be fun anymore? Admit it, there’s a little bit of thrill from the danger of possibly going to jail for smoking. But then again, we shouldn’t go to jail for using nature to our advantage in the first place. Man, these are some contradictions. Weed is everywhere, available for purchase in gas stations like cigarettes, sold in pharmacies as a natural painkiller, appetite inducer, anxiety reliever, you name it. What would you use it for? Would you hide behind a medical card and claim you “need it”, or would you openly express your love for the recreational psychoactive effects? Seeing as how it’s completely legal, only God can judge you right? It’s kind of hard to picture a world like this isn’t it? Maybe deep down you

Would lines still be out the door for legal bud?

Would lines still be out the door for legal bud?

know it’s not the right way for our country to go, or maybe you’re screaming in your head “Damn why don’t I just move to Colorado or Washington already!”

You see, this is not just a national issue, but also an inner conflict with yourself and millions of others. Would we really be better off with this regulated product? Would the quality go down if the government took control? My guess is yes. Would it even be worth the trouble if its not dank? What the hell am I saying? OF COURSE IT’S WORTH IT! It’s legal marijuana nationwide, a world prompted by nature to promote peace, unite a nation and free an entire niche from suspicion and hiding. Think about it…just think about it…are you thinking about it? Keep thinking. Engage that stoned mind, and don’t worry you’ve only been staring at this article trying to figure it out for three days now.


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