Dependence vs. Addiction

Don’t think that just because this is the first un-punny title I’ve used that it is any more serious. We’re just having a little stoner chat…no…don’t click that back arrow! Face your addiction!…Just kidding, but seriously what’s the difference?

Well, to me, dependence is needing marijuana in order to perform certain activities in

Why not smoke a fat J before passing out?

Why not smoke a fat J before passing out?

everyday life. For example, someone may be dependent on marijuana in order to help them fall asleep at night, every night. Or maybe it’s hard to get an appetite without it. These are very common reasons that people smoke marijuana, besides the psychoactive effects.

Addiction on the other hand is a little more intense. Always wondering when you’re getting another hit? Where the hell can you get more bud RIGHT NOW? Tempted to Addictsteal $20 from your parents sock drawer for a G? You might be addicted.

So where is that happy middle-point? Personally, dependence is not necessarily a bad thing, although it can be. Millions of people are dependent on caffeine just to wake up in the morning, and they aren’t criticized…People take high powered sleeping pills every night just for 8 hours, and nobody bats an eye. But when you want to smoke a joint every night before bed you’re an addict.

The reality of the situation is that dependence and addiction are just less and more intense versions of each other, and both can yield negative consequences…Next time you’re rolling through your list of dealers desperately searching for bud, just ask yourself; do you really need, RIGHT NOW? Probably not. However, it is always your choice to keep going or take a break.

Who cares what other people think anyway?

Who cares what other people think anyway?

Congratulations! You have officially beat your addiction/dependency by reading this random article! Now go buy more bud and celebrate!


3 thoughts on “Dependence vs. Addiction

  1. You see I treat weed as if its my wife because I take care of while growing it so that means its life depends on me but when its grown it takes good care of me because my life depends on it…by the way I’m from SOUTH AFRICA (Durban)I got lung cancer…so yeah my life is all about marijuana.

    • And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Marijuana has shown to have cancer fighting properties, however, inhaling combusted plant material (especially if not properly grown) can still cause damage to the lungs. If you want the full effect of the marijuana with a lower risk of lung damage I suggest vaporizing or edibles!

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