It’s Not Our Fault

I just read an article on that discussed the use of synthetic marijuana or “Spice” in New York and how it is becoming a serious problem. So what does the city do? Of course tell the public to stop using it. Yeah, that should work fine…we stopped drinking alcohol right away when prohibition started and I’m not smoking right now (as I put my illegal joint in the ash tray).

K2The point is, we (as people) can’t be fully blamed for using something that we are told is the legal version of something we all want but can’t have. New York is the reason marijuana is illegal in New York, and the reason why dangerous synthetics are being abused on a daily basis. Just like when we could have coffee but we know that it’s not necessarily healthy, we search the internet for an alternative, like a caffeine pill that may not be FDA approved (if that means anything anymore). Sure it might be legal and similar, but the hidden dangers of these drugs are messing people up all over the place because the government would rather us get sick and delusional than just legalize what was already put on earth for us.

So here’s an idea; put a federal ban on distribution of synthetic marijuana Legalreplications and lift the federal ban on marijuana! I know it sounds like the CRAZIEST idea you’ve ever heard, but hey the U.S. Revolution was a pretty fucking crazy idea.


One thought on “It’s Not Our Fault

  1. When alcohol prohibition was in effect, thousands (or more) went blind, died, or otherwise harmed themselves significantly by consuming homemade alcohol that had a high methanol content. Making something illegal, especially drugs, has never stopped their use. People use all sorts of drugs in the middle east where the penalty for their use is DEATH. You are absolutely right, legalize the known good, and eliminate the need for scary, untested alternatives.

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