Top 10 TV Series to watch Baked


  1. Workaholics

The original stoner series. Three burnout best friends who get high and do stupid shit together. Just like I do with my friends!


  1. Happy Tree Friends

Warning: Extremely trippy and very graphic scenes of violence and mutilation of cute and cuddly woodland critters… Who wouldn’t want to see that?


  1. Hemlock Grove

For the Sci-Fi lovers, this series consists of a werewolf teaming up with a vampire to take down another werewolf in the first season, and protecting a demon baby from a cult in the second season (just released).


  1. Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

What do you need more than Morgan Freeman rambling about crazy space shit? Not much.


  1. Spongebob Squarepants

Believe it or not, there are some rather suggestive and inappropriate scenes in Spongebob that you missed when you were younger, and not a stoner.


  1. South Park

This had to be on the list…a bunch of cartoon midgets with voices done by the same two guys over and over, and attacking anything socially normal…perfect.


  1. Wilfred

The fact that a guy tried to overdose on drugs and ended up being able to talk to a British dog almost makes me want to try it…


  1. Bizarre Foods with Andrew ZImmern

The munchies will make you eat, well, almost anything. Andrew Zimmern eats some of the craziest, gross, yet delectable food from around the world, making me want to sell myself to afford a plane ticket to Nigeria.


  1. Weed Country

This is basically the only show that helps keep the uninformed a little better kept in the loop of how marijuana is progressing and the troubles growers, distributers and users face daily.


10.  Modern Family

Go ahead, call me lame. This show is hilarious, witty, ironic, and Sophia Vergara is in it…excuse me for a second.



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