THE Stoner Series

Ya know, there are a shit ton of hilarious shows that can keep one entertained while stoned, and even sober (sometimes). However, there is no show that appeals to the stoner niche quite as much as Workaholics. It’s been in recent articles, and if you’re a stoner that hasn’t seen the show…You. Are. Dumb.workaholics-gif-smoke-weed

For those sorry souls who haven’t seen the show, it is about three best buds living in a house together. The three goons work at a telemarketing corporation, and barely do shit. They smoke, drink, and come up with dumbass ideas that all stoners would want to do. Like becoming clowns for children’s parties to make some extra cash, which of course backfires. But not MIata lifebefore they blow their money on a Miada and dress like they’re Biggie Smalls.

Any stupid idea you’ve had when you were stoned but never acted on, these guys have most likely done it. Sure its just a show, but MAN what I would give to be in an episode (hint hint). If you haven’t done so yet, check out Workaholics on Comedy come hardCentral, online, wherever you can find it and watch it over and over again like I do!


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