Cost: $100 quarter

Look: Dark green, tons of orange hairs, short and stout nuts, some purple. Our buds weren’t trimmed too tightly so there were some loose leaves hanging on the sides, which was kind of odd. 2014-08-25 21.11.08

Smell: Grassy, piney, sweet

Taste: We ripped Blackwater out of our brand new glass bong, with two honeycomb perks and an ice catcher, all being utilized to the fullest. That being said, it made it hard to judge the flavors of the bud, however, it definitely has that earthy, pine flavor. The hit was extremely smooth and cools the tongue and leaves a very pleasant after taste.

The Experience: Well, everyone is chilling, smoking, talking, watching TV, and i’m here…writing this article…for you. All for you. Because I love you…and this weed. Blackwater came in third in the 2014 Cannabis Cup for a reason. It sits you on your ass then melts your brain into a billowing cloud of smoke that releases a plethora of thoughts and ideas that will never make sense. To anyone. Except you of course. And me…because I UNDERSTAND YOU 😉

Bottom Line: If the experience didn’t teach you anything, I’m baked as shit from this bud. The price is understandable for the quality, as it supersedes any expectation and slaps it in the face. The look of this bud makes you stare like Sofia Vergara walking down the street without a bra on. The taste reminds you of the old days when your brother (or sister…pussy) shoved your face in the grass and you get a nice taste of earth, but in the best tasting way possible…more nostalgic really. And of course, the high is through the roof, and you don’t have a choice bud to ride it out…ride that couch. Ride it.


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