Orange you Glad it’s a Dream?

Orange Dream

Cost: $100 1/4

Currently grown in only two cities in the United States, this strain finally made its way to my backyard. At first, I was taken aback by how regular looking this bud was. Then, after letting it rehydrate in a humid environment, I was blown away.

Look: This stuff had so many white crystals on its surface. The buds are a nice dark green, with hella 20140901_160221orange hairs coating its plush bosom of flowery goodness.

Smell: I was instantly overwhelmed with a sharp citric acid smell that reminded me of oranges and blue raspberry warheads, leaving that lingering sting in the nostrils after you pucker your lips and squint from the sour soldiers attacking your taste buds. Warheads ain’t nothin to fuck with.

20140901_160239Taste: Along with that sharp citric smell, the citrus carries into the taste. It began as an onslaught of fresh grown oranges that have been playing in the dirt all day and forgot to wipe their shoes before entering your mouth. Assholes. But then again, everyone loves that staple earthy, dirty taste associated with a lot of buds, kinda like when that jerk from elementary school shoved your face in the dirt because your shirt was stupid…fuck you Todd.

The Experience: First, a little lesson on why it’s called Orange Dream. Strain names are based on the male/female plants you use. Male first, then female after. Since this is true, we know that the Orange Kush plant used was the male, and Blue Dream plant was the female. This indicates that it is around 60% sativa, and 40% indica, and represents all of each’s best traits: the euphoric head high and motivation to get up and do things, and the relaxing stress reliever that an indica can provide. Now in stoner’s terms. This weed is dank, this weed is tasty, this weed sits you on your ass then makes you do sprints. Smoke it 2014-09-01 16.05.31in a bong, smoke it in a bowl, but in the words of the mexican guy in half baked, “just smoke it yo.”2014-09-01 16.06.09

Bottom Line: This is some of the dopest dope I have ever seen come through here. It is definitely not your average chronic that can be found anywhere by anyone. This stuff is medicinal, and it said it right on the bag. Simply put, this is one of the best strains I’ve ever come across, both in nug size and potential to smoke less and get higher. Orange Dream is definitely not something you come across every other day, so when you see it you should pick some up.


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