Weed Make a Good Couple

Get the title? Do ya? It’s not just horrible grammar, it’s a play on words, as in me and weed make a great couple, just like you and weed make a great couple! The thing is, weed is the bomb, in every way, like the dream partner.

Weed is always there for you when you really need it (unless you just ran out), it helps you clear your mind, look at the bright side of things, and in some cases Somethin to doreally pull you out of a slump. Sure, Mary Jane can’t cook you dinner or have sex, but it makes that food you cook and that sex you’re lucky enough to get, that much better. Let’s take a journey through our memories together.

Remember that first fateful night you basked in the glory that was weed? I do. It fucking sucked. I coughed up a lung, pretty sure I threw up, and I was left with a soar throat and a headache. But some people just deserve a second chance, and man did Mary make it up to me. How about that dreadful experience when you were pulled over by the cops with an ounce in your car and magically got away, and just HAD to smoke about it? Thank based god that hasn’t happened to me, and I pity the fool that is has. But hey, you got away!

The point is, weed may be illegal, it might get you a poor reputation, it might not care for you like a real person, but Mary Jane has always been there for me and I know she always will be, just like she will be for you! So next time you take out that Never endsjar, bag, pill bottle, whatever you keep her in, give your weed a nice kiss on the cheek and show some damn appreciation. Plus your friends will be laughing their asses off at you kissing your weed.


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