Learning How to Love…To Roll

Now, while you read this article, listen to Learning How to Love by Colony House. It has nothing to do with this article but the titles match, and it’s a good fucking song. Anyway, this article is about attempting to teach you how to roll!

Now, from my experience, nobody can “teach” you how to roll, but merely show and hope you learn something. My personal rolling skills developed from trial and error, going through papers, blunts, etc. until eventually I got it down.

First thing’s first, choose your papers. Believe it or not, the papers you can use can impact your progress significantly. I started with plain old Zig Zag rolling papers. Rumor has it that these papers are the hardest to roll with…I beg to differ. Compared to Raw papers, the more popular choice, zig zags are a little thicker which prevents them from tearing as easily as Raws. However, if you want to start hard then go for Raws and get better quicker.

Now, once you have your paper you have to decide how you want to roll it. Do you want a cone or a straight joint? My go-to is the joint, as it is simple and fast, especially when you don’t have a cone roller. So you’ve decided to roll a simple joint. Let us begin:

1. Hold one end of the paper in-between your thumb and index finger, so its still 2014-09-23 11.03.27 creased but ready to fill.

2. I like to use filters in any joint or blunt, so if you want to use one just find a thick piece of paper or rip off a piece of the paper package and roll it up tight to 2014-09-23 11.12.42fit.

3. Put the filter in, then fill the rest of the space with bud. It is usually hard for me to decide how much to put in, as I have not noticed a difference in difficulty between more or less weed and rolling. It’s all you brah, make a decision.2014-09-23 11.12.13

4. Now, the hard part. Hold both sides of the paper in between your fingers, and lightly roll your fingers to even out the bud and get it ready to roll. After the bud is evenly distributed, it’s a simple tuck, roll, and lick.

5. Tuck one side of the paper under the bud, as in 2014-09-23 11.11.36roll it a little bit until you can’t see the bud behind the paper anymore. Then push the crease down with your thumb and pull the other side of the paper over top of your thumbs with your index fingers. Keep rolling until only the gum is still showing, and give it a good lick. Be careful if you have an excess of “kissing juices” as the gum can rip quite easily when wet. Don’t be a dog and you should be fine.

6. After sticking the gum to the paper I like to hold a lighter under the J for a short time to dry it out and help it stick better.2014-09-23 11.10.49

Now the joint is basically done. If you’re like me, it probably does’t look all that hot, especially if it’s your first time. I call it my “signature” to double wrap my joints, but really it just makes my joints look better, and me not look like a dumbass. Now, I’m sure this “tutorial” was a little lack-luster, but it’s how I roll and I’m the designated roller in my group, so it seems to work.2014-09-23 11.10.19

Let us know if our methods work for you or if you have a better method!


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