The Knockout

Alright folks, we got a great product rising in the community, and it’s called The Knockout. No, it doesn’t actually knock you out…but I’m sure it could, in the best way possible! So what is The Knockout? This is The Knockout.

So, a little more about The Knockout. To put it plainly, The Knockout is a tube-type attachment, that one can place on top of any beer bottle. On one end of the nozzle is a mouthpiece for chugging that beer. You flip the bottle upside down, and the design of The Knockout creates a perfect flow from the bottle into your pretty mouth. On the other side of the mouth piece, is a one-hitter. YES. A ONE-HITTER. And yes, of course you can Knockoutoverpack it. Not only is it a one-hitter, it is also a glass bong, a gravity-bong, and of course what gave this product its name; THE KNOCKOUT. Take a beer, throw the nozzle on, pack the other end with herb. Like the gang says, Grip it, Flip it, and Rip it. Flip the bottle upside down, chug that beer, and as you do, the suction pulls the smoke into the bottle. Know what that means? After you chug your beer, you get a gravity bong rip!

If none of that has you ordering yet, maybe this will help. The Knockout has perfect portion sizes; one beer, one hit. Perfect. On top of that, The Knockout is multi-functional, can fit in your pocket, it’s dishwasher safe, made of food-grade silicone and stainless steel Knocked(always a plus), and it can maintain an air-tight seal on almost any bottle, glass or plastic! Still not convinced? Imagine THIS being your next party.

If you haven’t already bought it, I don’t know what your problem is. Don’t like beer? You still have a bring-anywhere gravity bong, glass bong, bucket bong, and one-hitter. Don’t like to smoke? You can chug as many beers as your liver lets you. Check out The Knockout and buy one today!

Already have The Knockout? Let us know what you think about it!



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