Yes, we’re talking about reggie, snicklefritz, whatever the hell you want to call it. We don’t know what to call it either. We don’t know the strain, where it came from, how it was grown; none of that. So, this is a different kind of review, we’re going to review it like everything else, but you’ll never truly know what it is, where to get it, or what it’s called. Reggie is Reggie. Dig it.

Cost: $280 oz

Look: Dark green, not too hairy but hairs are a darker brown than most, almost red. The nugs have a few purple leafs but they aren’t your average “purp”. The nugs are 20141007_180941_HDRpretty bulky, with a moderate amount of crystallization noticeable.

Smell: This bud has a STRONG fruit smell. There’s also a pretty dominant pine smell with this bud, with citrusy, almost pineapple-like undertones.

Taste: Ooooooh, my favorite part. There’s only one way to taste a bud, and no thats not eating it (unless its an edible…which even then you can’t get a good taste). We broke in this bud with our double honeycomb percolated straight tube. At first it was kind of difficult to find a distinct taste, apart from the given earthy, weedy taste. We tried, again, and again, and again to find the fruity taste to accompany the smell, but failed. I’m sorry =(. Was the taste bad? No, all weed, for the most part, tastes good…to me…and J…and 20141007_181152_HDR-2you(?). Ya fuck it onto the next part.

The Experience: You like Fifa? We like Fifa. If you’re a stoner in college, you like Fifa. In case you aren’t a sports video-game fan, Fifa is a soccer video game. The funny thing is, I pretty much hate the game sober, seeing as how its completely repetitive, with almost no action, and unlimited frustration. High? BRING IT. However, with this bud, it can be kind of difficult to play because it gives an intense head high that makes you want to do shit…like write a strain review, or go to the library, or hunt wild boar in the vast rain forests of Detroit. You’re high…no I’m high. Let’s be high together! Back on track…this bud is surprisingly powerful despite the look and taste, but in the end that doesn’t matter so much as the high. And boy are we…

Bottom Line: This is by the best Reggie I have ever smoked, which leads to me to 20141007_180840_HDRbelieve it probably isn’t Reggie…I could go online…maybe the Leafly and type in the details and see what pops-up…but then I could be wrong. So you do it! Next time your guy tries to sell you Reggie, don’t be so quick to shut him down like Kanye shutting down wheelchair basketball players…dick.



One thought on “Reggie

  1. LMAO thats definitely NOT reggie. Reggie looks like shit…& taste like shit…& the high is pretty shitty too (BUT…sometimes you can get some thats pretty good) And it damn sure isn’t $280 a O. More like $40-$60 an O. Im from texas so yea, the cartels flood the streets with that shit from mexico…that brick weed. I however, choose to smoke dank only….reggie was for middleschool/highschool..

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