Does Size Matter?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you feel bad about your endowment with statistics of women loving huge rods, we’re talking about Vapes instead! Which is waaaaay better.

It started with the big vaporizers. The Volcano, along with other table-top vaporizers took the cannabis community by storm, with their Volcanoinnovative designs and delivery methods for our wonderful green girl, Mary Jane. For those of you who don’t have the luxury of vaping,Bigv when bud is vaporized, it is not combusted, but super-heated. The bud sits on a screen over a small gap until there is a coil or other heating mechanism. The mechanism heats up and transmits the heat through the cannabis, activating the THC, terpenes, and other chemicals of the plant, without the added risk of inhaling burnt plant matter…which is good thing…? Less smoke from vapes compared smoking a bowl, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Size.

So the tabletop vapes were very nice, innovative, and effective. Then someone realized, “hey, I sure as hell can’t walk down the street smoking my 5 pound tabletop vaporizer, I’ll probably break it…” Ya, that’s what he was thinking. Just kidding…COPS! Patients and users need their medicine or herb in times that may not necessarily fit the occasion, and alas! The vaporizer pen market was born! No Vape-Penlonger did users have to sit within five feet of an outlet to smoke their vape, no longer did the vaporizer weigh as much a small puppy, but a cute, newborn puppy. But smaller…and probably less expensive…and it gets you high! Find me that puppy.

The question is, is one vaporizer better than the other? There are tons of different brands of vape pens, as well as tabletop vapes, but the pen is so much more versatile, and it allows the use of oils and concentrates, whereas most tabletop vaporizers are lacking such accommodations. It’s safe to say that

When portable vaporizers get expensive. The Da Vinci. $300.

When portable vaporizers get expensive. The Da Vinci. $300.

the vaporizer pen was the downfall of tabletop vapes. Does this mean you shouldn’t get a tabletop vaporizer? Nah, they’re still pretty damn awesome, the pen is just more convenient. So, you want convenience? Vape pen. You want a good experience, possibly shared with good friends in a close setting? Maybe fill up some bud balloons? The tabletop vape. The prices vary for each, with some tabletops being $60, and some vaporizer pens being $400, and vice

versa. Want my two cents? My opinion? Like it matters? Get both if you can. That way you can vape at home and on the go, healthily and happily, forever, and ever….and ever. Until that shit breaks, then son of a bitch.

If you’re still unsure of which vaporizer to go for, check out our review of the Power Pen vape pen, and see what you think!


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