Danksgiving is Coming!

YES! YES! YES! One of the best holidays of the year beside christmas is coming up next week; Thanksgiving. Now, if you’re like me, or most stoners, there is always a way to transform any holiday into a giant smoke-fest! That’s exactly what we did here at BBB about a year ago…no, not ’bout a week ago like that dumbass song. We created the Danksgiving Smokapalooza, an all-you-can-smoke buffet style, mega chill sesh, with the close buds and friends that want to join. How can you shut out someone on Danksgiving? Exactly. Don’t be a jerk.


The classic smoke circle. That 70s Show

So what is Danksgiving? It’s quite simple, seeing as how I’ve already described about 3/4 of the event in the first paragraph! Everyone gets together, then depending on the size of the group, we load up our arsenal. Maybe a quarter, maybe a half. Say the event gets a little larger (10+), then you get that gorgeous ounce. Next are the pieces. This is where you can go nuts.

There are so many different methods for smoking nowadays, from joints to blunts, bowls to bongs, pens to balloons, the possibilities are endless! I personally recommend packing every piece you have at the same time at least once and keep them in rotation until they kick. Then when it’s kicked, you get the glory of packing them up again! Because you’re the man! Or woman! You set up the whole event yourself on short notice, and everybody’s just happy you’re so damn cool. So pack the pipes, the bongs, the vapes, the joints, the blunts. EVERYTHING!


The beauty of the event is that everyone pays the same amount for the bud, and everyone can smoke as much as they want! There’s no better way to represent the bond created between the Pilgrims and Native American on the first Day of Thanks than sitting in a circle with your closest friends and sharing dank buds together until you can’t feel your limbs.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Thanksgiving is next week, why is this article out now??” Well, the odds of you reading this article on Thanksgiving day, and the odds that you’ll just happen to be with all

Please make sure you have enough bud to at least recreate this.

Please make sure you have enough bud to at least recreate this.

of your stoner friends when you’re supposed to be with your family all day, are quite slim. That means I have to tell you now! Our Danksgiving is being hosted this Thursday, the week before the holiday. I encourage you, my viewers, my friends, my family (that’s right, I love you), to make the most of this Danksgiving. Get your best friends, some sticky, dank, smelly buds, and rip away. Ride into the vast universe that is your brain. Fight those alien monkeys trying to take your gold from that marijuana castle you built with YOUR BARE HANDS. You da man, you can do anything. Explore! Discover! Get more high than I am right now! Do it! Thursday! Thursday! Thursday (in radio announcer voice)! Join your Best Buds and blast off to that planet that’s really really really far away but apparently can sustain human life! Go there! And you better fuckin tell me about it.


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