Strawberry Kushcake

Strawberry Kush

Cost: $300

Look: The buds are quite fluffy, with an overflow of orange hairs covering each delicious nugget. It has a lighter green coloring

Just look at those hairs...

Just look at those hairs…

than other buds we’ve seen, with a fair amount of trichomes. There were a couple taller nugs but the majority indicated that we have an indica dominant hybrid on our hands.

Smell: For the dank look of this bud it actually doesn’t smell too skunky. It has an earthy smell, as well as a sweet fruity smell. Short story short, it smells delicious. Tastes better.

Taste: We were looking pretty hard for even the slightest strawberry taste, but we had difficulty finding it. Maybe its under the couch…what were we talking about? Oh ya, the flavor. It was sweet and smooth like my ex-girlfriend, with a piney aftertaste. I had this one strange hit; I must have inhaled perfectly on the joint we were smoking because it tasted like heaven. It was one of the best hits and tastes I’ve ever gotten from a bud. The strange thing about it is that I couldn’t pick out one singular flavor. It was like a dance party in my mouth that turned into a whirlwind of marijuanical flavors as I french inhaled and took it all to the brain. The funny thing is it took me five minutes to remember to write that last sentence. Damn this section is long.

Experience: I started writing this review before we even smoked the Strawberry Kush…and that was about forty minutes ago. Anyway, we rolled up a nice joint of this dank and burned her down. It went down smooth, and encompassed my brain within its soft, gentle embrace, making me somewhat of a neanderthal (more commonly known as a caveman). My brain is on a

These nugs were initially stuck together...sticky.

These nugs were initially stuck together…sticky.

different plane of explosive thought processes all intertwining to form an extravagant experience through your mind, body, and cheetos bag. Just kidding, I just didn’t want to say soul and be “cliché”. Surprisingly this strain is not very munchie-inducing, which is always a plus; Late night snacking has its impacts (as I stare at my gut with a grimace). Nonetheless Strawberry Kush is one of my best experiences so far.

Bottom Line: I almost feel like this category isn’t necessary. I approve of just about every bud I review, maybe just because I love all bud so much. It’s hard to be picky when you love all of it I guess. The bottom line is Strawberry Kush is a beautiful, dank strain that will take you on an adventure. I’m not sure what kind of adventure, I’m watching Workaholics and can’t particularly multitask at this moment in time…one single moment…never to be repeated…history….like when I just wrote history, it’s history…too much history…sorry.


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